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Top 10 Oldest NBA Teams of the Basketball World

The NBA teams are among the most well-known in the world, especially because of their uniforms, insignias, and color schemes. For decades, basketball fans have been entertained by these NBA teams. Hop on to the nostalgic ranking of oldest NBA teams of the world.

Top Ranked Oldest NBA Teams Players

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world, especially in the United States, and also one of the highest-paid sports. One of the biggest competitions in the history of sports is the NBA. You might have guessed that the 10 oldest NBA teams are all from the US!

 That includes the Dallas Mavericks (26.5 years old), Indiana Pacers (26.6 years old), Los Angeles Clippers (27.5 years old), Phoenix Suns (27.6 years old), Golden State Warriors (27.8 years old), Brooklyn Nets (27.8 years old), Milwaukee Bucks (27.9 years old), Utah Jazz (28.0 years old), and Miami Heat (28.8 years old). 

10. Dallas Mavericks – 26.5

The Dallas Mavericks are the oldest team in the NBA having been founded in 1979. Other notable achievements for the team include making it to the playoffs every year from 1997 to 2011 and being named Eastern Conference Champions twice (1996, 2001). 

They have had many successful seasons, including winning their first championship in 2011. With young stars like Harrison Barnes and Deron Williams leading the way, don’t be surprised if they make another run at an NBA title this season! 

9. Indiana Pacers – 26.6 

The Indiana Pacers are one of the oldest NBA teams, having first played in the league in 1966. Over the years, they’ve amassed a lot of talented players, including George Hill, Paul George, Roy Hibbert, and Lance Stephenson. 

However, they’ve never been able to bring home the championship. Despite this, they’ve managed to make it to the playoffs six times, most recently in 2017. 

8. Los Angeles Clippers – 27.5 

It’s hard to believe that it has been over 40 years since the Los Angeles Clippers first took to the court. They have had a long and storied history, with a current roster that is one of the youngest in the NBA. However, their oldest player is still going strong at 27.5 years old! 

Ronald Kitchener was born on this day in Jamaica and is the first Jamaican-born player in NBA history. The Clips play their home games at Staples Center in downtown LA and are currently in 5th place in the Western Conference. 

7. Phoenix Suns – 27.6 

The Phoenix Suns have played since 1966. Jerry Colangelo owned them from 1984-1989, during which time they made it to the Eastern Conference Finals. 

Other notable players on this team include Steve Nash (1997), Grant Hill (1998), Shawn Marion (2000), Amar’e Stoudemire (2002), Leandro Barbosa (2006), and Gerald Green (2013). The Suns play their home games at the US Airways Center, which was opened in 1996. 

6. Golden State Warriors – 27.8 

The Golden State Warriors are the oldest team in the NBA, and they’re still playing at a high level. They’re celebrating their 50th anniversary this year, and they’ve already won 5 championships since 1975 – more than any other team in that period. So whether you’re a basketball fan or not, make sure to check out their amazing story! 

5. Brooklyn Nets – 27.8 

The Brooklyn Nets are the oldest NBA team, founded in 1970. Despite their age, they’ve had a lot of success over the years. They’ve made it to five consecutive playoffs and two Eastern Conference Finals (most recently in 2015). 

Their current stars include Jeremy Lin (Houston Rockets), D’Angelo Russell (Los Angeles Lakers), and Brook Lopez (Brooklyn Nets). 

4. Milwaukee Bucks – 27.9 

The Milwaukee Bucks are playing their first game on November 4th of 1891. Their current arena, Bradley Center, opened in 1988 – making them one of the older teams in terms of home arenas.

 The team made it to the playoffs for the first time in 2007 and has won one playoff series (against Chicago). However, at number 16 out of 30 teams in the league, they currently have a 27-49 record and are struggling to find their way. 

3. Utah Jazz – 28.0 

The Utah Jazz has been playing since 1976. They have made it to the playoffs six times and this year are currently in the postseason. Notable players on the Utah Jazz include Gordon Hayward (20th All-Time Points Scored) and Derrick Favors. Rudy Gobert is the franchise leader in points (17,777), rebounds (13,043), blocks (2,087), and steals (1,495). 

2. Miami Heat – 28.8 

The Miami Heat is the oldest team in the NBA, and they’re still a force to be reckoned with. The team was founded in 1988, and over the years, they’ve managed to accumulate a roster of some of the top players in the league today. 

Their manager, Pat Riley, is known as one of the best basketball managers of all time, and he’s brought home several championships for this team. If you’re a fan of old-school basketball, then support the Miami Heat – they’ll love it! 

1. Los Angeles Lakers – 30.9 

The Lakers are the oldest team in the NBA and they have had some of the biggest names in basketball play for them. That’s not to mention their five championship-winning years in the 1990s! Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, Rick Fox, and Ron Harper are a few of the most notable players to pull on the purple and gold. 

They reached their greatest success in the 1990s when they won five championship titles. As of now, they are the oldest team in the league and they are looking to continue their success in the new millennium. 


Orlando, Denver, Salt Lake City, and Memphis are the four least popular teams in the league, with no victories between them.

The Nuggets, an original NBA franchise, were previously known as the Modern Team. The Colorado Gold Rush of 1859 gave both teams their names.

Hamline University faced Minnesota A&M in the first documented game between two collegiate teams on February 9, 1895. The game was won 9-3 by Minnesota A&M, which played under the rules of nine players on each side.


To ensure their players give superb performances, the NBA clubs with the best NBA players of all time choose the finest players and adopt the greatest coaching strategies. Even enthusiasts like to watch them perform. 

The NBA is another sport with a large television audience, with an average of over 17,000 viewers per game. So, which of the oldest NBA teams do you like best? Tell me in the comments section below.

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