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Top 6 Good-Looking Boxers to Ever Exist in The Boxing History

Good looks have always been one of the most controversial topics. Not because people don’t encourage good looks but because it enlightens racism. But when talking about boxing, good looks have always been a part of it. Some good-looking boxers have outdone themselves many times.  

All these boxers are not only good-looking but extremely talented too. Their incredible performances and outclassed achievements are what people melt over. They also have a huge fan following that has a massive ratio of females as compared to males.  

Good Looking Boxers in the World Today – 2024 Rankings

Let me take you through 6 of these great boxers who have taken away the hearts of many girls. They are also true heroes of boxing.  

1. Amir Iqbal Khan

Amir Iqbal Khan, a former British professional boxer and one of the best-looking boxers of all time stands first on the list. Although he has retired, he never fails to impress people with his good looks to date.  

One of Amir’s notable accolades includes the WBC Silver Welterweight title. He is a 35-year-old but never looked like it. He is married and a father to 4 kids. He is surely one of the most good-looking boxers England has ever produced.  

2. Sergio Martinez

The ever-green Sergio Martinez aged 47 years is a former Argentine professional boxer. He is surely one of the most handsome boxers in the history of boxing. His fans gave him the nickname “Maravilla” due to his unorthodox boxing and fighting techniques.  

Martinez has been an outstanding boxer throughout. He owns the WBC Super Welterweight title under his belt. He also won the WBC, WBO, Ring Magazine, and lineal middleweight titles which are his greatest wins.  

3. Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua is another British boxer who has never failed to impress with his looks. If Britain has ever produced a great boxer after Amir Khan, it’s Joshua. He is exceptional at everything he does and keeps his body well-toned which makes him even more attractive.  

Joshua is the no.1 boxer of all time for having held the most famous titles twice that include the WBA, IBF, WBO, and IBO. He has also held the British and Commonwealth titles from 2015-16. 

4. Manny Pacquiao

Next on the list, I have Manny Pacquiao on the list who is a former professional Philippine boxer. This Filipino descent has been in one of the most watched fights around the globe. He is surely one of the greatest players to exist in the world.  

He is nicknamed “PacMan” by his fans who are crazy about him. He always went beyond people’s expectations and never let his fans down. He has always made his nation proud with his intriguing performances. He has also served as the senator of the Philippines from 2016-2022. 

5. Danny Oscar Garcia

The legendary Danny Oscar Garcia is an American professional boxer who has always been the center of attraction for many girls. He is surely one of the best boxers to be reckoned with in the ring. 

Danny has held the WWE Welterweight title since 2016 which is his great win. Not only this, but he has also held multiple awards including the WBA, WBC, Ring Magazine, and the linear light welterweight title. 

6. Gilberto Ramirez

Gilberto Ramirez, a Mexican boxer, can’t be left behind when listing the best-looking boxers. He is an entirely undefeated boxer in the ring. His height of 6’3 is what’s making him way more attractive. Mexico has always been proud to own him. 

Gilberto is the first ever boxer from Mexico to have won a major world title called the WBO super middleweight title. His extremely good looks and perfectly toned body are a rare combination of two good things that are not found in any other boxer than him.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the most handsome-looking boxer in the world? 

When it comes to the most handsome boxer in the world, I can’t list only one. The list includes Anthony Joshua, Amir Khan, Danny Garcia, Anthony Oggo, and Sergio Martinez. But Amir khan always remains on the top of the list.  

Who is the no.1 boxer today? 

Oleksandr Usyk is a Ukrainian professional boxer and the no.1 boxer today. He holds the very famous Unified WBA, IBF, WBO, and IBO heavyweight titles since 2012. He is the man of the match for now.  

Who is said to be the goat of boxing? 

The champion Muhammad Ali, an American professional boxer is one of the greatest players boxing has ever had. His incredible record of 56 wins and five losses is still undefeated. He died in the year 2016 but is still alive in the hearts of people.  


Boxing has evolved over the past few years and stands among one of the top sports of all time. So, it’s safe to say that these good-looking boxers have played a vital role in its development. These boxers are gems of boxing. I hope you enjoyed exploring them.  

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