Courtside Basketball

 All About Courtside Basketball You Need To Know In 2023

Basketball has always been one of the leading sports in history and has evolved over the past few years. It has the greatest number of fans than the other sports. Courtside basketball is a very famous spot in basketball to watch the match and makes the match even more interesting for the viewers.

It is an area with famous courtside seats and many people wish to secure these seats as soon as the tickets are available. It refers to sitting just behind player benches on the sidelines and as close as you can to all the action of basketball.  

In this guide, I will be discussing all courtside basketball in detail and help clear up all your queries related to it.  

Courtside Basketball
Courtside Basketball

The Price of Courtside Tickets

Courtside seats are available at all levels of basketball. The profile college basketball games and especially the NBA playoff games are the most sought-after courtside seats. The prices of the tickets vary depending on the franchise.  Have a look at the NBA team in basketball world.

Other than the franchise the prices depend on what the matchup is, the location of the seats on the court, and if it’s a playoff or high-profile game. However, the tickets are never cheap, so you better not expect this. It is way too difficult to find a courtside seat that is being sold anywhere below $1500.

How Does It Feel Like to Be on Courtside

Sitting on the courtside could be overwhelming because you are much closer to the action. You can hear conversations between the players, coaches, and referees. Also, people sitting on the courtside are expected to be seen on television so, if you are comfortable with that then you can go for it.  

There is also a high possibility for the players to jump over you to grab a loose ball and you might spill your drinks and snacks. But all of this doesn’t matter because you are sitting in one of the best spots and it is all part of the fun.  

People Who Sit at The Courtside

People that are usually sitting at the courtside are either wealthy, famous, or lucky, and sometimes all three at the same time. Teams also invite celebrities to sit on the courtside to evaluate their relationship with fame. There are times when a celebrity sits on the courtside to raise from the media. Like the Los Angeles Lakers, home games got so famous due to celebrities sitting courtside.  

The owners along with their families and close friends are also seen sitting at the courtside. In addition, prospective clients and faithful employees might be invited by big companies to enjoy the game from the courtside. you may also read about the challenges faced by basketball female coaches .

Rules Of Sitting on The Courtside

Many benefits come along with sitting on a courtside but on the other hand, there are many spoken and unspoken rules too. People that sit at the courtside can be asked to leave the court if they are caught violating any rules and can also get ejected by the referee. The attendees are supposed to abide by the following rules:

  • They are not allowed to verbally abuse the coaches, players, and referees. However, light trash talk is allowed because it contributes to the show. 
  • They aren’t allowed to touch the ball.  
  • They are not allowed to throw objects on the court.  
  • Getting involved in game brawls is strictly not allowed.  
  • They are strictly not allowed to push, hit, or physically abuse anyone related to the game.  


Courtside in basketball is a great spot where you can watch the entire game being very close to it. It is a huge desire of many people to be able to watch basketball from the courtside. Although the tickets are extremely expensive, many people are lucky enough to be a part of it. I hope you enjoyed reading about courtside basketball.  

Please leave your remarks in the comments below and let me know if you have ever gotten a chance to sit at the courtside. Thank you! 


What does the courtside ticket include? 

The courtside ticket allows you to enjoy the best seat in the house. It also gives you access to the most exclusive club in the lounge, the Lexus Lounge. Besides that, it gives you complimentary parking adjacent to Golden 1 Center and seats just a few inches away from the game. 

How to get NBA courtside seats?

NBA courtside tickets are available to purchase for millionaires and common folks alike. You can either buy them directly from the NBA team’s ticketing website or through the league’s website at  

How much are the cheapest seats in the NBA for?

The Atlanta Hawks are the seats that are in the bottom half of the table when it comes to the least expensive courtside tickets. They can go anywhere from $200-$300 up to $600 for a primetime match that is against a big team. 

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