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Top 7 Best Tennis Courts All Across The Globe 

Tennis is a world-famous game. Tennis tournaments, be it Wimbledon or ATP tours, have always attracted a huge crowds. But on top of that, the designs and architecture of tennis courts matter a lot. Some of the best tennis courts are largely recognized worldwide.  

These great courts are a reason which create a sensation among the viewers. Their appealing architecture and amazing design have become a reason for their incredible fame all across the world. People not only come to these courts just to watch the match but also because they love the aesthetics of these courts. 

Best Tennis Courts in the World | Top Rankings

Here, I have listed some of the greatest tennis courts of all time.  

7. Rod Laver Arena 

Rod Laver Arena is a part of the Melbourne Park complex in Melbourne, Australia. This stadium was called the National Tennis Court when it was inaugurated in 1988. This stadium was named after the legendary player Rod Laver to honor him for his tremendous achievement of winning the Australian Open thrice.  

The stadium has a capacity of 15000 people and also replaced the Kooyong Stadium and is now called a masterpiece of Australia. Besides tennis, it has also hosted the 12 FINA World Aquatics Championships in 2007.  

6. National Tennis Center 

The National Tennis Center with a huge 41.22-acre compound is a stadium situated in the capital of China on the Olympic Green. It has 12 competition hard courts, 35 training courts which include 30 indoor and outdoor hard surface courts, 2 artificial grass courts, two indoor clay courts, and a mini hard court for juniors.  

It also has a diamond court with a seating capacity of 15,000 people. This stadium is famous for having hosted the tennis preliminaries and finals of doubles and singles for both men and women at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. It has also hosted the Paralympic wheelchair tennis competition. 

5. Indian Wells Tennis Garden 

The Indian Wells Tennis Garden is located in Indian Wells, California. It is said to be the home of the Indian Wells Masters Tournaments or the BNP Paribas Open. It is also the world’s second-largest tennis-specific stadium due to its huge 88 acres of compound.  

The stadium has a seating capacity of 16,100 people and also has 11 match courts, 6 practice courts along with 2 Har Tru clay courts. Besides tennis, it has also hosted concerts by great artists like The Eagles, The Who, Tom Petty and so many more.  

4. O2 Arena  

O2 Arena is situated on the Greenwich Peninsula in London. It is a multi-purpose indoor entertainment complex that was named after its main sponsor, The O2, which itself is said to be one of the biggest telecommunication companies all across the globe. 

The stadium has a seating capacity of 20,000 people and has a surface that can be modified into an ice rink, basketball court, exhibition space, concert or conference, etc., totally depending on your requirements. So far it has hosted the ATP World Tour Finals, Summer Olympics along with Summer Paralympics.  

3. Court Philippe Chatrier 

Next on the list, I have Court Philippe Chatrier which is located in Paris, France. It is the main ground for the French Open and was named after the pioneer aviator engineer Roland Garros. It has a huge 21-acre compound with a seating capacity of 14,962 people. 

The stadium contains twenty courts which also include three large-capacity stadiums. And not only this, but it also has a very luxurious restaurant along with a bar complex, the press, and a VIP area. Apart from hosting matches, it has also observed some of the greatest French Open winners of all time. 

2. Wimbledon Center Court 

Wimbledon Center Court is considered the main ground of the All-England Lawn Tennis and croquet club. It is one of the greatest tennis courts of all time with a seating capacity of 14,979 people. The fans also call this stadium SW19 which is its postal code.  

The center court in the stadium consists of a premier box that is specially designed for the exclusive use of the Royal Family. The two most famous players, Andy Murray and Roger Federer played their first ever Wimbledon under the roof of this court in 2012.  

1. Arthur Ashe Stadium 

Lastly, I have Arthur Ashe Stadium which stands first on the list. It is the largest tennis-specific stadium in terms of capacity and replaced the Louis Armstrong Stadium. Arthur Ashe, a famous player, won the inaugural US Open on this court and got this court named after him as an honor. 

It has a seating capacity of 22,547 people. It has 90 luxury suites too along with five restaurants and a two-level players’ lounge. It mainly hosts the US Open now.  


1. What is the best tennis court? 

The hard court is mostly considered a suitable surface for tennis players of all types. It is best known for providing a good compromise between clay and grass court. Also, the ball travels faster on a clay court on a hard court as compared to a grass court.  

2. What courts do tennis players prefer? 

Tennis players mostly prefer the Har Tru tennis court mainly known as the clay court. These courts provide a consistently slower ball bounce as compared to the other surfaces. They provide a more controlled game and are very popular for the player’s superior playing characteristics.  

3. Which country has the most tennis courts in the world? 

The country that is said to have the greatest number of tennis courts in the world is Germany as compared to the other countries. It has the most tennis courts with almost 46 thousand clubs. This country has an immense craze for tennis.  


All these best tennis courts are not only courts, but they also provide you with all the luxuries. These courts have been designed in a way that the people don’t feel any kind of discomfort and they enjoy the events to the fullest. Be it their marvelous architecture or the aesthetics, these courts are truly a beauty to look at.  

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